Dolly Parton Delivers A True Gospel Story In “Coat Of Many Colors”. You’ve Got To See This!

Dolly Parton’s recent movie Coat of Many Colors is a tale with many colors of its own. While it may come across as a retelling of the country star’s childhood, there is a lot more going on in this piece of touching cinema.

Throughout the film, Parton has woven in a common thread of faith, transforming her story from biography to a story of gospel. Faith has always been an important factor in Parton’s life, a trait she acquired from her own mother.

The story focuses a lot on Avie Lee, Parton’s mother. Faith keeps Avie Lee strong after she loses a child, and it is this strength that helps keep her family together. A strength the family desperately needs when Parton’s father begins to lose his own faith after the loss of his child.

While the dynamic between Avie Lee and Parton’s father is strongly emphasized in the film, there are other threads of gospel that shine through as well. For example, Parton hosts a dinner party for a group of kids from her church who had been bullying her. She found forgiveness in her faith, and welcomed those who hurt her in the past.

This film is heartwarming and inspiring, and is sure to leave you feeling prepared to face the world with more courage and conviction. Parton has definitely given us a tale for the ages.

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