Dolly Parton Partners with Pentatonix for This Amazing Rendition of ‘Jolene’

Everyone knows who Dolly Parton is. In fact you really only need to mention the name Dolly and everyone can figure out who you are talking about. I’ve been enjoying her music all my life and never get tired of hearing her cover new ground.

She was born in 1946, and at just ten years of age, she was already performing on stage in Knoxville, Tennessee. By 13 she had performed at the Grand Ole Opry and a recording contract under her belt. Upon graduation from high school, she moved to Nashville and became one of the biggest country stars that the world has ever seen.


She was inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame in 1999, and her work goes far beyond the world of music. She has found massive success in the film industry and has even opened a theme park called Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Even with all of her accomplishments, Dolly Parton continues to grow as an artist, try new things, and put herself out on a limb.

Below is an example of her doing just that with her latest collaboration with the a capella group Pentatonix. They remade one of Dolly Parton’s classic hits, ‘Jolene.’ What really stands out in this video clip is that Parton not only holds her own with the younger singers, she does so with style, grace, and humility.

Dolly Parton Partners with Pentatonix for This Amazing Rendition of ‘Jolene\'