Dolly Parton’s emotional TV interview that touched a nation

Dolly Parton

The incredible country star Dolly Parton sat down with News Channel 11’s Josh Smith for an interview. Josh welcomes Dolly, notes the rainy weather, and says she is the rainbow of the day.

Josh says he saw Dolly go on stage today and noticed she got choked up. He asked her why she responded so emotionally to the performance. Dolly responds, “I did. Well, I get real emotional just seeing all the wonderful things and just seeing all the good stuff.”

Dolly continued, “And like I said out there when I have to read certain things off the prompter ‘cause I have to know exactly what the dates are, but I prefer to just talk to the audience.”

Dolly Parton

Josh says, ‘I’m amazed of 50 years of I Will Always Love You. I can tell you were amazed by 50 years of that.” Dolly says she doesn’t even keep track of the dates because she has so much to think about, and when someone says they need to celebrate the 50 years, Dolly responds, “50 years? Has it been that long? And it has, but that song has really held up.”

They talk about how she is celebrating all songwriters at her festival. She says she wants the songwriters to get the recognition they deserve. Dolly says, “But you don’t have a hit. You don’t have a hit star unless you’ve got a song. Everything begins with the song.”

Dolly Parton

Later they talk about how Dolly still writes, and Josh asks when she finds time to do it. Dolly says sometimes songs randomly hit her, and she stops everything to write it down. Sometimes in the morning, when she makes her coffee, she takes time to write.

In the end, she says, “There’s been a lot of good things happening in my life, and I’m just really thankful to so many people for that.” Dolly’s career spans decades, and her generous giving to causes has endeared her to so many fans.

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Dolly Parton\'s emotional TV interview that touched a nation