Don Rickles’ hilariously insulting comedy routine – Carson Tonight Show

Don Rickles and Johnny Carson

Johnny Carson hosted The Tonight Show for almost 3 decades with Ed McMahon. In several ways, the talk show was one of the most popular variety shows during the 60s & 70s.

Don Rickles and Johnny Carson

Every night, many fans would tune in to watch the late-night show because it combined humor and serious interviews. Carson’s calm and composed way of interviewing celebrities and newcomers impressed everyone. For example, one of his interviews with Don Rickles shows how beautifully Carson handles guests with a smile.

Rickles is known for his razor-sharp wit & non-holds-barred approach to hilarious insult comedy. The genius stand-up comedian has a knack for spotting weakness in people and would take it to his advantage by laying on one hilarious insult after another.

Don Rickles, Ed McMahon and Johnny Carson

He would never hold back on what he wanted to say. Rickles shows immense energy whenever he goes onstage, and The Tonight Show is no different. Rickles pokes fun at everyone, be it Carson, McMahon, or even Jay Leno.

As he takes a seat to talk with Carson, the legendary comedian says, “I have heard you for many, many years. Tonight was the funniest, so enjoy,” making Carson smile. He then asks the host, “So what’s new apart from the competition.” Carson does not know how to respond to Rickles, but he enjoys it and says, “I like competition.”

Don Rickles and Johnny Carson

The stand-up comedian continues roasting and tells him, “You have been on the show for 26 years. I mean, where’s the challenge.” Carson responds, “It gives you a charge.” In reply, Rickles says, “Do you need to charge? 26 years walk away, it’s over.” Carson could only smile at the hilarious comments by his guest.

Rickles became the stand-up comedian who has comically roasted almost everyone from Client Eastwood to Ronald Reagan. Several fans posted heartfelt messages for the icon. “Don Rickles, the one comedian that can go for 100% of his time and just shine. Comedy Gold.” While another wrote, “NOBODY can do insult comedy the best as Don Rickles.”

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Don Rickles’ hilariously insulting comedy routine - Carson Tonight Show