Donkey Gives Birth To Twin Filly Foals In Ireland. Just Wait Until You See How Cute They Are.

Twins are amazing when it comes to humans. In the animal world it’s more of an oddity than anything else, and most of the time, only one of the two twins survives. I don’t know if it’s the conditions of the birthing or if one tends to be weaker than the other. That wasn’t the case with the twins that were born to a donkey named Tulip. They are both healthy and live in Ireland with their daddy, Charles Williams.

What really grabs your attention at first is noticing that they aren’t the usual gray or brown, like other donkeys. Instead, they are all white and have curly hair, almost like a sheep. Hmmm. I hope I didn’t just reveal who fathered them. Actually, I have no idea. I just presume it’s another donkey who impregnated her. I also don’t know if this is just something that they start off looking like and then wind up resembling their mother.

This was not the first pregnancy for Tulip. With the addition of the twins, she had given birth to five donkeys. Many people thought that she should be retired from birthing after that. That’s a lot of donkeys to give birth to, that’s for sure. The twins were so cute to watch walking around. Williams was quite proud of them… and he should be. People can go visit them on a farm near Killarney. Hey, it’s a great excuse to go visit Ireland anyway.

Williams said that the donkey twins being born alive was pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime event for him to witness. It’s amazing what nature can do. Here’s hoping that a lot of people go visit the farm to see them up close. Like I said before, it’s another perfect excuse to go visit Ireland. It’s one country that I’ve wanted to visit, given that I have Irish blood myself. Well, it’s not THE thing that will get me to go there, but it’s one thing to add to the list.

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