Donkey spots his human friend – his reaction is unforgettable!

First thing’s first, you need to listen to this with the volume up – which means if you’re at work you’ll probably want to plug in some earphones – otherwise, your boss is going to wonder what on earth is going on at your computer workstation and you’re going to be getting some very strange looks from your colleagues!

We all know dogs are incredibly loyal and affectionate animals, but whatever a dog can do – so can a donkey! This incredible footage had been going viral and rightly so – it’s an unforgettable video you’ll want to watch time and time again – because it’s so hilariously touching!

This girl visits her donkey friend every single day and they’ve clearly built up a special bond that will have you crying with laughter! You’re not going to believe the animal’s reaction as he slowly trots out of his pen and sees the girl for the first time – donkeys can be really, really loud!

For over 5000 years, donkeys have been used as pack and work animals, able to carry heavy loads great distances, but they’re also popular pets in many countries around the world. Just like all animals – they also need love, and you can see from this donkey’s reaction just how important that is to him. What an incredibly touching moment it is and we’re sure you’ll agree. Remember – whatever creature you’d like to own as a pet, they need just as much care and attention as more common domesticated animals – so make sure you do your research beforehand.

Donkeys are also known for their stubbornness and have a stronger sense of self-preservation than their horse cousins. This is possibly what makes them so tough, and you certainly don’t want to be around one when they’re kicking off! They’ve got a vicious bite too – but in spite of this, they’re known for being remarkably intelligent and extremely friendly creatures – as this video clearly demonstrates!

They’re not all as miserable as Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh! But you’ll definitely be able to see where he got his name from when you listen to the noise this donkey can make! Join over 14 million viewers who have seen this wonderful connection between woman and beast. It’s certainly a moment that the girl, the donkey or anyone watching won’t forget in a hurry! Never mind dogs and cats – we all want pet donkeys now!