Don’t Let Winter Leave Your Feathered Friends Hungry

Birds lead a free life. They do not follow any rules and go wherever they feel like. But, most importantly, birds love to eat whatever they find while flying great distances in search of food. Recently, a woman taught her viewers how to make four delicious bird feeds, especially during Winter, when it is more challenging for them to find food.

She first taught her viewers to make a birdseed wreath. Next, she takes 2 packets of gelatin and one cup of warm water and mixes them in a container. Next, she takes 6 tablespoons of light corn syrup and 1.5 cups of flour and mixes it with the previous mixture in the container. Lastly, she pours 8 cups of birdseed into the container and mixes everything.

Later, she empties the mixture into another container and presses it firmly. After letting it dry for 24 hours, she empties the circular wreath-shaped onto a table and ties a ribbon around it to let it hang from a branch. Next, she teaches to make a birdseed garland. Next, she chops an apple and an orange into circular pieces. Finally, she neatly places the apple pieces on a tray at equal distances.

Next, she takes some peanut butter and birdseed to prepare the garland. She applies peanut butter on both sides of the apple pieces using a spoon and dips the pieces in the bowlful of bird seeds one by one. Later, she picks a thick string and a plastic needle to make a garland using the apple and orange pieces. Finally, she places the apple and orange pieces in the garland and hangs them on tree branches.

Next, she teaches to prepare an orchid pot bird feeder. She takes two clay saucers and a drilling machine with a 1/8″ glass and tile bit. She drills two small holes in the saucers. Next, she picks a 1/8″ braided cable and an end-stop ferrule. She slides the cable through the ferrule and tightens it using a hand swagger. Next, she slides the line through one of the saucers and an old orchid pot, which she places on top of the saucer.

She slides the cable through the second saucer, which she places in an inverted position on top of the pot. Later the woman also takes a clay bird and drills a hole through it. She puts the bird on the inverted saucer by sliding the cable through it. After fixing the end of the line above the clay bird, she fills the pot with bird seeds and hangs it on a branch. Her last bird feed is a Christmas tree bird feeder. She takes 2 packets of gelatin and a cup of hot water and mixes them in a container.

Next, she pours 6 tablespoons of light corn syrup into the container, followed by 1.5 cups of flour. She mixes it well and pours 8 cups of wild bird seed. Later, she picks a small part of the mixture and puts them in a muffin tray to fill half each spot. Next, she uses small strings as twines and presses one each in the bird seed. Later, she fills the remaining half-empty spot with more bird seeds. After waiting overnight, she takes out the balls of bird seeds. She makes a garland using dried oranges, cranberries, and popcorn. Later she also makes a pinecone ornament. She uses peanut butter and spreads it on the pine cone. Next, she rolls the pine cone in a bowl filled with bird seeds. She attaches a twine to it using hot glue. Finally, she hangs all of these on a tree for the birds to enjoy.

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Don\'t Let Winter Leave Your Feathered Friends Hungry