Don’t Miss “Always Remember Us This Way,” The Emotional Performance So Pure, It Made Lady Gaga Cry

Don’t Miss “Always Remember Us This Way,” The Emotional Performance So Pure That It Made Lady Gaga Cry

“Always Remember Us This Way,” written and performed by Lady Gaga, is a track filled with raw emotion and reflective lyrics that embody falling in love perfectly. Out of the

Described as the “most intriguing entry” from “A Star Is Born”, many feel that this is the best ballad that Lady Gaga has ever made. From its debut at number 41 on the Billboard Hot 100, this song achieved global acclaim across the world, hitting platinum status.

Lady Gaga truly put her all into this piano ballad. Co-writer Natalie Hemby told Esquire magazine, “There were moments when [Gaga] would start crying and I’m like, is this good crying or bad crying?!”

This is a song that was so spontaneous and so good that it was written, performed, and cut in-studio all in one go. The writers working in collaboration with Lady Gaga include Natalie Hemby, Hillary Lindsey, and Lori McKenna. You can hear the three singing background vocals, while Lady Gaga sings the lead and plays the piano.

Producer Dave Cobb shared, “[Gaga] got in the vocal booth on the microphone, and the writers were in the control room. I was playing with the band, and it just happened. Her voice was as big as the house. All of us had goosebumps. That happens very seldomly.”

The showing of pure emotion that Lady Gaga’s put forth in the movie and the soundtrack of ‘A Star Is Born’ was only possible by embracing her character ‘Ally’ completely. She lived her role to such a degree that Lady Gaga explained to ‘Variety Magazine’ during an interview, “I still feel Ally inside of me. I wonder how long she’ll stay, or if she’ll be in there forever?”

Watch Lady Gaga deliver the performance of a lifetime with a song that takes the listener through a reflective look at love – it’ll bring a tear to your cheek.

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