This Early-Morning Jogger Pushes A Pedestrian In Front Of A Bus In This Shocking Story

When you go out for a stroll, there’s really no knowing what you’re bound to encounter. Whether it’s a friendly animal, a promotion at your favorite coffee shop, or a scary situation, anything can happen when you’re out for a spontaneous adventure. Just ask the pedestrian spotted in the heart-stopping footage down below!

When this woman was out and about in London, a jogger ran through her path and pushed her right in front of an oncoming bus! She had been wandering across Putney Bridge when the jogger shoved her, causing her to go flying into a nearby bus lane. She was sprawled across the pavement, with her head just inches from being smacked by the front of the vehicle. It’s amazing she made it out of the shocking situation alive!

The jogger is a white man in his 30s, and he has brown eyes and short, brown hair. He was seen wearing dark blue shorts and a light gray shirt. Police officers are looking to speak with witnesses of the incident in the hopes of finding the man who put the pedestrian in harm’s way. They’re also encouraging anyone who recognizes him based on the public footage to get in touch so that they can try to catch him.

Can you believe someone would act so cruel and careless towards an innocent civilian? One can only hope they find this man before he does this to somebody else!

It’s horrible what selfish actions people will take as they go about their day. This woman is lucky she didn’t get seriously hurt or killed! Be sure to share this clip with your family and friends and encourage them to speak up if they know anything about the jogger. Then, leave your thoughts on this shocking story in the comment section down below!