How To Make Homemade Wine With An Instant Pot

The Instant Pot has grown immensely in popularity over the past few years. Whether you’re making rice, a casserole, or your favorite crockpot recipe; it sure makes things easier. If you enjoy wine, you’ll have to keep on reading for an incredibly simple recipe made using your Instant Pot and a few ingredients.

Using this popular kitchen device will significantly reduce the amount of time that you’ll have to wait until you’re able to enjoy the wine that you make. All you need to get started is red or white grape juice, yeast, sugar, and of course, an Instant Pot.

Pour in the juice and mix in the yeast thoroughly. Then, you’ll want to add in the sugar and stir until it’s all liquid. It’s crucial to make sure that the vents on your Instant Pot are kept open. This step allows the wine to breathe as it ferments.

Setting the plastic juice bottle to the side for when the wine is done, you’ll close the lid and press the button for yogurt. Then, lower the heat a bit in the Instant Pot and wait. Two weeks later, your tasty wine will be ready for your drinking pleasure.