Edgar Winter The Rescue Goat Gets An Intense Brain Freeze After Devouring Ice Cream

When you combine animals and food, you can discover that certain animals have some pretty strange and surprising preferences. Some creatures prefer hunting to being presented with a plate, some prefer wet food to dry food, and some animals just want to snack all day long instead of embracing a balanced diet!

No matter the species, there’s one thing we can all agree is delicious: ice cream! Humans and animals alike enjoy indulging in this sweet treat that comes in all kinds of flavors. From classic cones to ice cream sandwiches, there are tons of options to choose from. So long as you make sure the ingredients aren’t toxic to the animal you’re feeding, it can be acceptable to give our furry friends a taste of one of our favorite sweet treats.

When this goat was introduced to ice cream, he was immediately hooked. His name is Edgar Winter, and he’s a rescue goat with a sweet tooth for days! One lick was enough to capture this little goat’s attention, and now he’s an ice cream connoisseur! There’s nothing like watching an animal like Edgar go all out for his favorite snack of all time.

As he was consuming ice cream in the clip featured below, however, something unexpected hit Edgar out of nowhere. He was experiencing a brain freeze! Wait until you see this precious creature’s reaction to the cold sensation of gobbling the ice cream down too quickly. It’s too cute!

We all know how unpleasant it can be to deal with a surprising brain freeze like this one, but the feeling didn’t stop Edgar from continuing to munch on his snack! Isn’t this just adorable? Be sure to share the hilarious clip with your family and friends. Then, leave your thoughts in the comment section down below!