“Edith & Archie” meet Donny & Marie for a nostalgic trip down memory lane

The ‘Donny and Marie’ talk show reunited two old friends. The stars of the show ‘All in the Family,’ Carroll O’Connor and Jean Stapleton, visited with Donny and Marie.

Donny interview Carroll first, and he admits that Jean loves him! Then, Donny brings out Jean, and the two stars hug each other as the crowd cheers wildly for them. Donnie smiles and says, “Isn’t it great to see them together again? Isn’t it?”

Jean surprised Carroll by appearing with him on the show, and Carroll had no idea Jean would join him. She starts by praising Carroll for his new movie coming out titled, ‘Return to Me.’

Jean says, “Carroll, I didn’t have time to tell you this the other night, but you play this Irishman who runs and owns this restaurant bar, and this man is so far from all the colors you had to play in All In The Family. If I were not close to you, I would look- I would say, ‘He looks familiar. Who is that?'”

Then, Jean says, “That is the mark of a very fine actor.” Donny says it’s been thirty years of this show being around and asks how it feels to have a whole generation of fans and if they still get fan mail.

Jean says they get tons of it; they say it’s from the young people who are seeing it for the first time and the older ones who have watched it their whole lives.

Later, Donny and Marie ask them to do the character voices, but they refuse. Donny pulls out his wallet and tries to bribe them. Carroll tells Donny his ‘Archie’ voice was a combination of James Cagney and Jackie Gleason. It is a fascinating interview with two TV icons.

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