Elderly Man And Otter Strike A Beautiful Friendship, This Is Hard To Believe.

I love hearing stories about unusual friendships. There was one video that I wrote about where a squirrel fell from a tree as a baby and was taken in by a cat… and the squirrel bonded with the kitty’s daddy too, even spending time sitting in his pocket. There’s a similar element here with this video about an elderly man and an otter being friends. This is real life, not the trailer for a wacky buddy movie.

This video takes place in Finland, where it looks like it snows a good portion of the year. Seppo is an older man who lives in a village. He’s got a very unusual guest that comes by regularly… an otter named IIvari. This little guy first came to him as a starving pup in desperation for food. Now they are the best of buddies – he even comes when Seppo calls him and has gone in his house. I can’t even get my cats to come when I call them.

I have to say that there was one moment that just made me clap my hands with glee. IIvari is eating something and he stops and looks at the camera for a few seconds with his tongue sticking out. It is the most adorable thing that I have seen today – and I’ve been watching animal videos all day. So, trust me… this is awesome. The rest of the video is great, too, but that just steals the show.

There are some who think that IIvari uses Seppo just for the food, since he just grabs it and run off. The thing is, even the video says that the otter is only comfortable around the elderly man, and the presence of the camera crew may have spooked him. Perhaps he jumps in his lap if there’s no one else around. Aww.. I want an otter to jump in my lap and cuddle now too. I don’t want to have to move to Finland first, though.

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