Mother Elephant Gives Birth On The Open Plain. Seconds Later, The Herd Comes Stampeding Their Way

Baby ElephantThe cycle of life is a formidable process to witness first-hand. Moments after the calf being born, we can hear several loud trumpets incoming from the other nearby elephants.

The new calf is celebrated by the entire herd. All the other elephants welcome him with fluttering ears and swaying tails as they gather around him and the mother.

ElephantsThis is one of the many social behaviors that elephants have been observed performing. They do this as a way to shield the newborn calf from any potential predators in the area that might have been preying on him from far away.

Even if that reaction from the crowd of elephants is an instinct of survival, it is nevertheless a sweet phenomenon to witness. Witnessing the creation and birth of a new being is a miraculous and touching moment, an event that should be experienced at least once in our lives in one shape or form.

As humans, we often forget that animals giving birth live through the same emotions that we do when it comes to childbearing and rearing. They, too, want only the best for their children; they want them to be healthy and safe.

That is why moments just like these are a beautiful reminder of the reality that all living beings – animal or human – celebrate with a new life is brought into the world.

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