Elephant Parents Play With Their Adorable Baby And Melt Our Hearts

If you’re looking for parental role models, look no further than this tight-knit family of Elephants in Zambia. Just watch as they not only tolerate their baby being silly and playing around, they actually jump in and play with him. While still protecting him, the elephant mom and dad clearly enjoy spending time with their calf.

Elephants are great parents. They live in herds, with every member working to protect and care for any babies in the group. In this particular case, we see two elephant parents and their very adorable, very playful and adorable son, interacting at the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, Africa.

A baby elephant is called a calf, and this particular calf must have been born on the wiggly side of the savannah because he loves to play around. His mom is just like him though, stepping on her boy as he rolls on the ground. It’s clear these elephant parents love playing with their offspring just as much as human parents do.