Ellen’s having a conversation with an 88-yr-old woman. What she says next? Hilarious!

This is a funny clip from the The Ellen Show in which Ellen DeGeneres received her most public put-down since… Anne Heche. It happened over the phone at the hand of an 88-year-old woman by the name of Gladys Hardy from Austin, Texas. Gladys had previously made an insightful suggestion for Ellen to move a potted plant on her set so that she wouldn’t look like alfalfa sprouts when she’s superimposed on the plant on camera.

Like all polite and appreciative persons, Ellen decided to call Gladys from her show to thank her for the suggestion. The unfortunate phone call was fraught with setbacks from the start. The first thing Gladys did was to mistake Ellen for a telemarketer. This sprightly old lady got our attention right away.

Even after Ellen introduced herself and mentioned moving the plant, Gladys was more interested in ridiculing the local reaction to a rare snowstorm in Austin, Texas, that dominated the news and shut down schools and businesses. In the words of this wise and cynical 88-year-old, it was some ice and two flakes of snow and one icicle hanging off someone’s roof.

From there Gladys went on to make a small deal of Ellen’s syndicated show and even compared it to a QVC infomercial. She also refused an invitation to appear on Ellen’s show in favor of walking the local malls!

To Ellen’s credit she wasn’t offended by anything Gladys said. Watch this clip to see what Ellen thought was the funniest thing ever and one of her favorite moments of the show. Gladys is one hilarious old woman!