Elvis performs ‘Love Me Tender’ to a live crowd

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was an incredible showman right up to the very end. The 1970s would be his final decade, but one where he continued to perform beautifully.

Elvis Presley

In this classic live performance, Elvis showcases how well he can impress a crowd. He starts with a bit of humor by playing a little guitar. Elvis is dressed in his white suit with his big hair.

The legendary singer then proceeds to sing ‘Love Me Tender.’ His backup singers also provide some extra vocals. He swings with his heart and soul as lovingly as he does with most of his performances.

Elvis Presley

The audience adores the performance. They start cheering and clapping along to this classic song. They may not have expected just how close Elvis would get with the audience.

As he keeps singing, Elvis edges closer down the stage. He gets right up to the women in the audience. Elvis is giving them kisses right on the lips.

Elvis doesn’t just kiss one or two women. He starts dashing around the stage, bringing smooches for all who want them. Some of them get really into it as well.

One woman edges closer to the stage and nearly wraps her arms around him. Some women get longer kisses while others get short and sweet pecks.

There are a handful of reaction shots from the crowd. Some of the women are in wide-eyed awe. They can’t believe Elvis is delivering kisses while singing this romantic song.

It’s not enough to kiss around the stage for Elvis. He then proceeds to jump off the stage and go straight into the crowd. Women get kisses while men shake hands with the celebrity.

Elvis Presley

The audience swarms around Elvis. The singer makes his way through the crowd as the music continues. Everybody wants to meet this marvel of rock and roll.

Finally, Elvis returns to the stage to finish his song. He’s sweating hard but continues singing. He even makes time for a few more kisses between lyrics.

Elvis concludes this song by leading the band with his impressive moves. The audience claps for another astounding performance by the king himself.

‘Love Me Tender’ was first recorded by Elvis Presley in 1956. The song remained at the top of the charts that year for Billboard and Cashbox. You can hear the music in many movies, including Elvis’s 1956 film, ‘Love Me Tender.’

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