Elvis Presley Performs “Love Me” Live From Honolulu In ’73

Elvis Presley performs live in Honolulu in this performance from 1973. The King singing his timeless ballad “Love Me” on stage in a glittering outfit is an unforgettable sight. The video recording here in full color shows Elvis in full glory, performing later in his life.

The way that Elvis approaches a crowd is both down to earth and totally unique to his distinctive showmanship and charm. Many believe that there’ll never be another like Elvis, and they may be right. Just look at how the King of rock and roll commands the stage in a 70s interpretation of a beloved song that delivers a unique appeal of its own.

“Love Me” is a song that we all know and love, but once you see the way that Elvis Presley has recreated his timeless hit live, onstage in Honolulu, you’ll have fallen for the king even more. This video in full-color from ’73 lets one be immersed in the atmosphere set by the legend.

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