Emotional Audition of ‘My Girl’ by 82nd Airborne Chorus Moves Hearts

The 82nd Airborne Division All-American Chorus has displayed more than military precision on their early release audition for America’s Got Talent (AGT). Marching onto the stage in uniform, the soldiers managed to shatter expectations with an unexpected yet stunning performance.

Their initial military-style cadence gave way to a captivating rendition of The Temptations My Girl, to the delight of the Judges and audience alike. Group spokesman, Staff Sgt. Marcus Gilbert proudly affirmed that the 82nd Airborne Division All-American Chorus hails from North Carolina, representing “the 19,000 men and women that support and serve the Airborne Division.”

Reflecting the collective spirit of paratroopers, the chorus brings together performers from across the division. Their diverse repertoire, ranging from traditional cadences to select popular tunes, aims to uphold the airborne legacy and honor those who serve. The chorus champions “Telling the Army Story” As a tribute to the soldiers and their families.

When queried by Judge Simon Cowell about the group’s ultimate dream on AGT, Gilbert unhesitatingly stated, we are here to win. However, the aspiration to win was accompanied by a heartfelt dedication, a tribute to Specialist Elijah Crawford.

This patriotic dedication touched the crowd and the Judges, with the audience responding by forming heart shapes with their hands. “That is very respectful, and I’m very sorry, by the way,” Cowell expressed, lending his support by adding, “We’re all rooting for you.”

Their performance seamlessly transitioned from the military cadence to the classic My Girl, lifting spirits and drawing broad smiles. The crowd visibly delighted in their energetic a cappella rendition of the popular hit, with even host Terry Crews swaying to their harmonies off-stage.

As the clip ends, the verdict of the AGT performance hangs in suspense. Still, one thing is certain: their captivating performance, a tribute to their fellow soldiers and a representation of their collective spirit soared high and left a memorable impact. This is not just about winning a competition; it’s a heartening display of unity, pride, and strength in adversity.

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Emotional Audition of \'My Girl\' by 82nd Airborne Chorus Moves Hearts