This Endearing 3 Month Tiger Drinks Milk From His Own Baby Bottle!

Videos of Baby-Animals are a foolproof way to start your day. If you woke up tired, or currently going through too much stress, a clip of a baby goat hanging around with his hen best friend or a dog playing the piano, are surefire ways to bring a smile to your face! It’s impossible to not find them precious!

Their furry and snuggly presence and adorable wondering motions are extremely endearing, baby animals have the power to heal.  Some are lazy, others are extremely smart and precocious, but they all are absolutely heartrending!  There is no doubt about it and if you want to have a great pick-me up we have a beautiful clip of a baby tiger below!

The video was taken at the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and features a cute baby tiger drinking from his Alvin and the chipmunks’ bottle!  He is three months old and already has grown a fair bit! However he completely melts and wants nothing more than to feed and sleep! This will absolutely make YOU melt as well!

You can see him close his eyes and try to keep himself standing whilst feeding, and eventually relenting to being petted and savoring the milk. You can almost feel the purrs!

Please do treat yourself to this onslaught of cuteness and share it will your friends to give them a dose as well!

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