Every Mind-Blowing GOLDEN BUZZER Audition On America’s Got Talent 2019

Kodi Lee, Detroit Youth Choir, And Even Lucas Israel All Earn Their Spots In the FinalThere’s just something about that golden confetti that gets us every time. Check out these Golden Buzzer moments from 2019’s “America’s Got Talent,” and see if you don’t get emotional along with us.

If you’re like us, your favorite part of the cookie is the cream filling, your favorite part of the cereal is the prize in the box, and your favorite moments from AGT are the Golden Buzzers. Why not see them all in the same place?

One Youtube commenter said after watching this: “Honestly I cried in every single one because I know, that they not only hit that gold buzzer because they wanted them on the show, but they wanted to see the heart melting reaction of them realizing that the just achieved a once in a lifetime dream. And they ARE worthy.” We couldn’t agree more. These moments are powerful, and if you cry, you’re among good company.

Every Mind-Blowing GOLDEN BUZZER Audition On America\'s Got Talent 2019