Every One Was Shocked When This Dog Had This Reaction To Whitney Houston’s Song

Dogs are known as man’s best friends but the relation between men and dogs does not end there. Man and dog have more in common than we realize, and a love of music is one of those things. Perhaps it has the same effects on dogs as it does on humans and makes them feel certain emotions, just like we do, when we hear certain songs. You might be surprised at this and wondering how dogs and music can be related. Well, this beautiful video will show you.

Lady Xena, is an adorable dog who took everyone by surprise when she took the stage at Belgium’s Got Talent with her special skill set. Xena has quite an amazing love for music, especially for Whitney Houston’s infamous song “I Will Always Love You.” How this adorable dog reacts when she listens to Houston’s classic is absolutely amazing.

The audience and the judges can’t control themselves when they see Xena’s reaction. According to her owners, Mick and Daphnee, “We bought Xena when she was 12 weeks old. We went to a café and she was sleeping and the place was playing Whitney Houston’s song. But when Xena heard the sound of the song, she began to sing and cry. It was really weird.”

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