Everything Is Awesome in This Guy’s LEGO Filled Basement Remodel

Are you a Lego fan? Ever wished you had enough Lego to build a house? Well, this guy almost does. His 1902 Seattle home is home to one of the most well-organized collections of 250,000 Lego pieces ever seen. That’s right – nothing is mixed up in this selection of Lego. From the yellow heads to each individual gear, it is all sorted.

Across 189 drawers and 153 bins, he has pieces sorted both by color and by piece type. He had custom racks built to store all his Lego. Even all his Lego heads have the faces facing the same direction so that it is easy to pick out the one with the right facial expression.

This present-day architect attributes much of his career direction to being such a big Lego fan. No matter where it led him other than this massive collection of Lego, this is certainly an amazing feat. Its highly unlikely that you’ve ever seen so much Lego in one place – it fills this man’s basement giving him supreme creative freedom to fulfill his childhood dreams.