She Expected To See Her Grandson When She Sat Down. But What The Sonogram Reveals? UNREAL!

Jimmy Kimmel is known for notoriously pulling some hilarious pranks on some oblivious people. And the video below features one of his shenanigans. Jimmy and his cousin Sal fixed a fake sonogram appointment for their pregnant cousin Micki. Though she was told about the secret, her mom had no idea what was going on.

Chippy is Jimmy and Sal’s aunt and she has never seen a sonogram in her life. So Jimmy and Sal pulled a few strings to make the graphics department come up with some creative images so that Aunt Chippy got to witness the most implausible sonogram ever! Wait till you see her reaction when the baby starts doing something that it isn’t actually supposed to do!

This baby does all kinds of things babies aren’t supposed to do in the womb, but Aunt Chippy believes he’s really doing them! Even when he picks his nose and then eats it! She doesn’t even question that the sonogram is real. I don’t know how Micki and the fake technician can keep a straight face through all of this, but they say the craziest things and don’t even laugh once.

At one point, this baby flips the bird, and Aunt Chippy still doesn’t figure out that this isn’t real! She thinks she imagined it. Even when the baby starts doing jumping jacks, she still believes this sonogram is real. Just wait until you see how it ends.

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