Extremely Satisfying Aerial Footage of 42,000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Getting Completed

Jigsaw puzzles are a fun hobby that has been around for decades. The act of finding the perfect pieces that fit together can be challenging. That’s no problem for a man who put together a 42,000-piece jigsaw puzzle and filmed the whole process.

When most people are looking for a challenging puzzle, they may opt for a 1,000-piece option. That size alone can take someone hours to fully complete. The puzzle is called “Around the World,” and it breaks the record of the largest single image in a jigsaw puzzle.

The video starts out by showing the man lay down the bags of puzzle pieces and then proceeds to separate them into a long line. Eventually, he organizes the parts into tubs that we can only assume are based on color combinations.

Just like anyone else, he starts by making the exterior border of the puzzle. He continues to put together small sections here and there. We begin to see famous buildings pop up as he finishes the puzzle. It ends up over five feet tall and nearly 25 feet long.