Family dog does the dishes, laundry, mops, and babysits

Baron the German Shepherd has a unique superpower – he helps his family around the house. He’s been trained to close the toilet seat, mop the floors, and more.

It isn’t every day that you see a dog mopping the floor or loading the dishwasher, but Baron is not a regular dog. This super intelligent German Shepherd has been trained since he was 12 weeks old to be helpful.

Baron does more than some people do, including sweeping and mopping the floor, putting down the toilet seat, loading the dishwasher, wiping down windows, and loading up the laundry.

That’s because his owner, Linda Riley, has trained him so well. It’s an intensive training regime to get a dog to help with the cleaning, but she has been intensively training him every day since his adoption to do just that.

Baron is eager to please, and even more eager to protect Linda’s son, 4-year-old Alexander. The two of them are best friends, playing and cuddling together, but Baron is extremely protective whenever they are out in public.

It’s great to have a dog that is so determined to provide security and help when needed. He keeps Alexander safe and keeps their house clean, and is rewarded with lots of hugs and treats!

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