Family Finds A Frozen Kitten Buried In The Snow, Then Brings Him Back To Life. A Miracle!

Sometimes all it takes to make a huge difference is a little bit of love. When we open our hearts and care for the people, animals, and environment around us, our whole world can transform.

The Bingham family knows this truth firsthand. When they found a kitten outside in the snow, they weren’t sure it was even alive. But they cared, and they tried, and because of that the kitten is alive today.

The Bingham’s were at their family cabin in Utah on Thanksgiving morning, when they noticed a stray kitten buried under the freshly fallen snow. The kitten appeared to be lifeless, possibly frozen through.

With no detectable heartbeat, there was a good chance the kitten was already lost. But the Bingham family brought him inside, warmed him by the fire, and massaged his chest with some gentle CPR. Slowly but surely, he came back to life.

The Bingham’s named their Thanksgiving miracle cat Lazarus. While they have no idea how he found himself out in the snow, they are sure of one thing: kindness can save lives.

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