Family Tries To Take A Video Of A Fox And It All Ends With A Fox Stealing Their Phone

The clip below features some guys who decided to capture the fox on camera. It all ended up in the most unexpected way! However, these guys have learnt now that just because an animal is small and seems harmless, it doesn’t mean that it can’t outsmart you.

There have been a lot of cases when animals have a real interest in cameras, especially when they are the ones being recorded! And this fox is not an exception, so he just had to know what it was that was sitting outside his home.

Trying to get some good footage of this lovely fox in his natural habitat, these boys set up multiple phones outside his den. When the fox pokes his little head out, they are on the cloud nine as they are catching it all on camera, but they soon realize that getting so close to this fast-moving fox was not their best idea!

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