Jerry Lewis Can’t Control Himself When He Gets Roasted By Don Rickles — I Can’t Stop Laughing!

A rarity in the world of stand up comedy, Don Rickles made it big with his sense of humour that showed in every line he said… without any cues, I might add. Watch the video to see how he nails every punch line when he roasts Jerry Lewis.

An iconic character whose balding head and pugnacious personality made him a star in film and television, Don Rickles really spared nobody. Also known as ‘The Merchant of Venom’, he made the audience roar in laughter but also had the ability to pick on anyone in the audience as well, as part of the show.

The Jerry Lewis celebrity roast was a one of a kind moment, when he started off by making fun of Milton Berle. The latter was Don’s reason and influence for getting into show business and he stepped up to give Don a little slap on the cheek before kissing him on the lips.

Jerry Lewis, even though being the roastee, enjoyed every minute of it as he watched Mr. Warmth pick on other members of the panel. Don Rickles was a one of a kind guy who made everyone fall off their chairs in laughter without resorting to vulgar language nor used any cue cards. This witty guy ad-libbed all his speeches which is awesome!

I loved the way everyone laughed with good humour and how he used his wittiness to come back with smart retorts to make everyone howl in laughter time and again. He was really unique and the world will miss this funny man. What did you think of this roast? Would you like to see more? Have you heard of Jerry Lewis and Don Rickles? Write in and let us know!

Wasn’t this an AMAZING video?? I mean you had Johnny Carson, Don Rickles, AND Jerry Lewis! Share your thoughts about this moment in history. It really was history in the making!