Fan-Favorite Jaws Gets Parodied, And We’re Cracking Up At Tim Conway

There’s a new villain on the loose, leaving terrified city-dwellers with only one option – to call the “shark hunter” himself, Harvey Korman. This clip is so silly, even the actors are breaking character.

In this Jaws inspired spoof, the gang at The Carol Burnett Show is facing a new menace. Nicknamed “the sewer shark,” this underground bully is terrorizing citizens left and right.

The bit starts with one woman taking a leisurely bath, completely unaware of the impending doom scurrying up her bathroom pipes. As the hapless bather comes face-to-face with fear itself, all we hear is her blood-curdling scream before the scene cuts out.

Much like the original plot of Jaws, the superintendent of the woman’s building is wary of shutting down and, instead, calls in the professionals to lure the monster out of the pipes. The resulting clip is comedic gold, and even Tim Conway can’t suppress his giggles.