Fans pick 21 of the top Golden Girls scenes

‘The Golden Girls’ is a cult classic television series that featured the comedic genius of four ladies living their best life. When fans were asked to name their favorite scenes, the responses were overwhelming.

In this final video of a three-part series, twenty-one of the best fan-favorite ‘Golden Girls’ moments are featured. There are scenes from each of the seven seasons to treasure.

In the Christmas episode of season two, the ladies receive a calendar from Blanche for Christmas. They are shocked to see it is full of men she has dated, and you can imagine how funny it gets!

Betty White steals the show in the season three premiere when she sneakily takes back her beloved teddy bear Fernando. This hilarious scene will leave you rolling on the floor laughing.

Sophia leaves everyone in stitches in the season four episode “Sophia’s Choice.” To break her friend out of an old folks’ home, she pushes an unsuspected man and shouts, “Runaway wheelchair!”

Some other classic episodes that are mentioned include “A Piece of Cake,” “The Monkey Show,” and “The Case of the Libertine Belle.” With so many scenes to choose from, it’s no wonder there are three videos!

We hope you enjoyed watching these as much as we did. The ladies of ‘The Golden Girls’ always delivered the laughs and helped us look on the bright side of life.

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Fans pick 21 of the top Golden Girls scenes