Farmer Writes Poignant Message In Freshly Fallen Snow That Has Everyone Applauding

Farmer Writes Message In SnowFrom ground level seeing a farm tractor out in the snow seemed crazy as the ground is covered in snow. Winter is not the time for working the land. But this farmer had a different plan in mind.

Farmer Writes Message in snow with tractorAfter ten inches of snow was dumped onto their field, Farm Dan hopped onto his tractor and started off on his special Christmas mission.

Farmer Dan had only one chance to get it right. And if he was going to do it, he needed to lean on his years of experience behind the tractor. If his idea worked, it would reach a lot of people.

He was creating a special message for the Christmas season. Everything has to be calculated from crossing the last ‘t” and dotting the final “i.” You need to have a drone or fly over the field to see the result.

As the video progresses, you can see some letters take shape. An “m” here, an “a “ there and finally an “s.” Sometimes the farmer drives forward; at other times he backs up, and then he retraces a line. Hopefully, Santa will see it when he flies over on Christmas Eve!”

If you loved this fancy tractor work and the wonderful message, share their video because Christmas comes but once a year.