Fashionista Elephant Steals Tour Guide’s Hat and Tries it On For Size

Elephants have known for a lot of things: their long trunks, their flappy ears, their rough skin, and their impressive size for starters. But one elephant has earned himself a new reputation as a budding fashionista after stealing a tour guide’s hat and trying it on for size.

Jabu, a bull elephant in Botswana, is plenty used to the tour guides who stroll through the park. So when guide Chris Du Plessis stopped by one day, Jabu reached over with his trunk, grabbed Du Plessis’ hat, and placed it onto his own forehead while the bemused tour guide watched.

The elephant modeled the hat for a few seconds before deftly replacing it on Du Plessis. The massive animals are clearly comfortable around the guides, who are seen petting them, feeding them, and moving among them with ease.

In other footage from the savannah, a tour guide guides one elephant down the road by the tip of its trunk. The elephant — this one with no accessories to boast of — calmly obliges, walking hand in trunk with his human friend.