Fast fix for “Neck Hump”

This chiropractor understands how important body posture is to the general well-being of people and he gives simple tips to fix a neck hump.

Adopting the correct body posture is something most people tend to unknowingly ignore. This might result in a fatty tissue deposit at the base of your spine, otherwise known as the Dowager’s hump, buffalo hump, or neck hump.

Luckily for most people, this condition can be fixed. In the video, this chiropractor highlights three easy exercises that can be done to fix the neck hump.

It was quite surprising to see a large number of the viewers admitting to having a neck hump. This goes to show that as much as bad body postures can be quite comfortable, they can be dangerous too. Take slouching for instance, who can’t agree that it’s pretty comfortable.

From the YWTL exercises, pull arm/tilt head, arm up/turn and tilt, these exercises are quite effortless. What’s more amazing is that you only spend thirty seconds on each exercise. However, you need to be consistent in doing the exercises.

Garnering more than sixteen million views, we can tell that many people are about to say goodbye to that stubborn buffalo hump.

I already noticed a difference after doing this one time. I can’t wait to see how I will feel within a week. My neck/back pain is causing me to have sleeping problems & this gives me hope.

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Fast fix for “Neck Hump”