Fawn Approaches Toddler Boy In Driveway. I Was Not Ready For What Came Next.

There have been quite a few videos of deers interacting with both people and animals. I think this is the first time that I’ve viewed one with a young deer and a young boy. Although it doesn’t go the way that I might have expected, it’s still quite adorable to watch. Then again, it’s not my kid. I’m not so sure I would be just recording if I saw a fawn walking toward my son. I’ be calling animal control instead…

We see a fawn who seems to view a toddler boy as a fellow youngster. The toddler seems to just be interested in getting a water spout that is used to water plants. The fawn wants attention and even licks and nuzzles the toddlers face. He has other things in mind and even gives her a stiff-arm like a football player at one point. Fortunately, both sides really keep their cool.

One worry is that the toddler might have gotten Lyme Disease, especially if that deer had ticks that latched on and then bit the child. Hopefully, his mommy gave him a thorough looking-over after the video ended. I have to say that was one patient fawn to endure those face pushes from the toddler. If she had a temper, one bad kick could have made this tragic.

There are some who think that letting this toddler touch the baby deer might have endangered the animal. That’s because if the deer’s mommy smells the scent of human on him, she might shun her. People tend to be remarkably ignorant about things like that. I’m not blaming the toddler here, obviously… he’s a TODDLER. I blame the parent who let him get that close to the fawn. Hopefully, it all turned out OK.

What would you do if you saw a fawn approaching your child? Was it the right thing to do to just record it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

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