Fearless toddler quickly makes friends with horses during a day at the stables

When Coco Carter is old enough to get a job, we might already know of one place that will hire her in a heartbeat. The little tot makes her way through the Henry Dwyer Horse Stables where she makes her rounds to greet her horsey friends.

At the Henry Dwyer Horse Stable in Caulfield, Victoria, Australia it’s just another day. But for Coco Carter, it’s her favorite place to be.

Especially when the fearless toddler took it upon herself to greet every horse she would come across. She would walk up to each of their stables and the horses themselves would greet her with love.

Most toddlers are often reluctant when they encounter large animals. But not little Coco.

When she makes her rounds, each of the horses waits for their turn to say hello. And she will always make sure that she gets to every single one of them.