These Fetch Fails Prove Just How Funny Dogs Can Be! Watch And Crack Up!

Most dogs love to play fetch. However, not all dogs are created equal; some love to fetch and are good at it, some love to fetch but are not good at it, while there are those who do not want to fetch at all. They just don’t get how fetch works and just stand there like a statue.

Regardless of their attitude towards fetch, we love our dogs all the same and learn to respect the things that make them unique. So what if your dog can’t fetch or roll over or play dead? I’m pretty sure he has other strengths?

It’s fun to play with a dogs who can fetch but it’s just as fun to play with dogs who can’t. Dogs are one of the most persistent creatures I know and even without the gift of eye-motion coordination; they would still keep trying and trying and trying to get the elusive ball.

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