Fiesty Dwarf Mini Horse Shorter Than Precious Puppy Siblings

When you think of a horse, you likely picture great stead with a flowing mane. Maybe you imagine a mini horse that comes up to your waist that you’d see at a fair or carnival. Well, let me introduce you to Chanel.

Rejected by his mother after birth, Chanel found a new home with Josh Dolan and Jenn Stirlble. The adorable animal is considered a dwarf mini horse, and won’t ever grow past the average person’s calves in height.

Josh and Jenn also own an adorable yellow lab puppy named Huckleberry that is already bigger than the precious dwarf mini horse. Chanel loves spending time with him canine siblings and doesn’t let his size get in the way.

The dogs keep Chanel active, and his new human owners take the time to bottle feed him and give him extra love. Thanks to the Peeps Foundation, Chanel, Huckleberry, Josh, and Jenn will live happily ever after.

Dwarf Mini Horse Is Too Cute To Be Real

This teeny-tiny, feisty horse is smaller than her dog siblings 😍

Posted by The Dodo on Monday, December 2, 2019