Filipino dance troupe pulls-off funny towel dance

This Filipino dance troupe demonstrated not just how exciting dance can be, but also how dancing can bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Male dancers from the Philippines performed a hilarious routine with bath towels. This outrageous yet exciting performance demonstrated how creative dancing could be.

The Stripboys arrived in white bathrobes and boots for their audition. One of the talent show’s Judge, Anggun was ecstatic to witness what they were about to perform. The five gentlemen then stripped off their robes and wrapped themselves in their white towels.

The dancers would bring together routines that the audience never expected from towels, using personalized movements and adding acrobatics to their builds. The show was excellent, and it really set the stage in the mood to vibe.

The group not only wowed the crowd with their towel dances, but they also managed to provoke distinct reactions from the judges, adding to the room’s enthusiasm and improving the show’s overall mood.

After their success, the group explained, “For us, it’s just about trying to do something that’s out of your comfort zone.” “Something out of the ordinary.” Their act is about “our hearts being taken off for you guys to feel,” they added.

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