Her first day left her horrified, sending the internet into hysterics

Do you remember the first day at school? It’s usually a difficult time for any kid, with many stressing about being left in a strange place as they watch mom or dad wave goodbye. However, when your child gets home again after that introduction to school life, you probably don’t expect them to react quite like this little girl!

Little Mila Stauffer may be one of the most confident and sassy little toddlers you’ll ever meet. Thanks to their mom Katie Stauffer, a digital marketing whiz and skilled photographer, both Mila and her twin sister Emma have made a name for themselves on YouTube. These little tots have big opinions and no qualms whatsoever about letting the world know! From potty training and tooth care, to budgets and cooking, Mom has the camera ready-to-go to capture the gripes and grievances of her hilarious daughters. When Mila came home from her first day at pre-school, viewers were treated to a side-splitting review…

Speaking into the camera, Mila tells viewers how aghast she was to learn her mom had signed her up for pre-school instead of law school. With a sigh of resignation, she recants a dramatic account of the woes of her first day in the education system. Luckily for us, her mom caught Mila’s hilarious little rant on video. Labelling the kids as “insane” and calling her teacher “shady”, Mila tells her mom and enthralled YouTube followers that she was “shook” by the experience. And to think that I only thought she was going to say it had been boring!

With animated faces and dramatic demeanour, Mila goes on to reveal how the class descended into anarchy as the teacher was chased by a scissor-wielding child. It was at this point that Mila put an end to the madness by yelling out that it was naptime, restoring order to the class in a flash. Though horrified by the ordeal, Mila is visibly proud when reliving her moment of leadership in the classroom, flashing a cheeky smile to the camera before quipping, “Checkmate!”

In her endearing little princess dress, Mila displays a bold and boisterous poise with theatrical body language throughout her tale. It’s no surprise that this video is going viral. Check out why the internet is laughing so hard with Mila in the link below. With the buzz this comical little cherub is generating online, Mila may forget about law school – she’s surely one for the stage in years to come!