At first she ignored her body’s warnings; soon she faced brain surgery

The human body is a marvel of engineering, a collection of highly complex systems that manage to work together in concert. However, things do sometimes go wrong. When that happens, the body often has ways of sounding the alarm. As Courtney, a highly successful beauty blogger, discovered, listening to the body’s warning signals is a very good idea.

It all started with an odd crackling noise Courtney began hearing in one of her ears. The strange sound didn’t bother her all that much and she didn’t stop and consider that it might be her body’s way of saying something was seriously wrong. Soon she was having trouble pronouncing certain words and then when she sat down to type a blog entry, she was also unable to type words properly. This had her a little worried, but still, she figured it wasn’t that big a deal and maybe she’d be better after a good night’s sleep.

At first, it looked like that good night’s sleep did the trick. But within days, she began slurring her speech and had trouble typing again. This time her mother insisted on taking her to the emergency room. They did a whole slew of tests, including one that indicated an anomaly near the part of her brain that handles language and speech. A biopsy confirmed that it was an aggressive tumor.

Courtney was facing an operation that was fraught with risk. Any damage that happened would be irreversible. A blood clot or hemorrhage could easily be fatal. Fortunately the six-hour operation to remove the tumor was a success. However, she still needed long and sometimes frustrating speech therapy sessions before she was able to speak normally.

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