Fisherman feeding a flock of majestic eagles gets a huge shock when he looks to his left

Jessie Peek, a fisherman in Alaska, took things a step further when it came to selecting the animal he wanted to feed. He noticed a group of bald eagles, an endangered species, and our nation’s patriotic symbol, near his docks.

He decided to start feeding them treats. Soon things were communicated through the Bald Eagle Network about the availability of these treats and more and more started showing up.

The cool thing here is the interaction between the eagles and the fisherman. They patiently wait for him to start throwing the treats.

The majesty of these eagles and the interaction between two species. Also, be sure to watch the whole thing to see an awe-inspiring spectacle. I know I felt proud just watching this. As an American, I feel truly blessed.

Take a look at the video and admire  these majestic birds. You got yourself a dock full of FREEDOM right there. Shed a tear for this glorious moment:

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