Fluffy Orphaned Koala Finds Comfort With Stuffed Animal After Losing Mom

Natural disasters cause stress for more than just humans. When wildfires in Australia run rampant, the sweetest koala loses her momma and becomes an orphan. To find comfort, she makes an unexpected friend.

The adorable koala hides her face in sadness after realizing her mom was nowhere to be found. As a potential solution, American veterinarian Paul Ramos hands this beautiful girl a stuffed animal.

The koala instantly embraces and nuzzles with the stuffed animal as if she’s trying to replicate old times with her mother. Almost immediately, she begins to perk up. Such a tender moment can’t be faked or replicated.

Though this stuffed animal will never replace her real mother, hopefully, this baby koala can now find relief in the arms of a new friend. Moments like these allow us to remember that we’re not the only creatures capable of feeling things in this world.