They Found Some Abandoned Kittens In The Woods, And Just Had To Save Them

Life is full of surprises, and walking through a wooded area and having four kittens wander up to you is definitely surprising. Kittens aren’t wild animals and certainly don’t belong in the woods. They had obviously been abandoned. Sometimes we receive a huge surprise when we least expect it and that is exactly what happened with this couple. They casually went out for a walk in the woods and came back with new family members. When they were walking through the woods at Spring Creek Park in NW Houston TX, they found four abandoned kittens in the middle of nowhere.

When this couple was strolling through the woods, they suddenly heard meowing, and after some a few minutes of searching, they saw four cute kittens running towards them like they had known them their entire lives. These kittens seemed scrawny and malnourished and were covered in fleas, but they also seemed to sense that this couple would help them. They showed no fear towards the couple and as a result, this family of two became a family of six. So, this couple rescued them and brought them home. As soon as they got home they properly fed and cleaned them and now they are happy and healthy.

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