They Found This Injured Fox Lying Unconscious On A Road. What Happened Next Is Heart Breaking!

This video shows the rescue of fox cubs that were in an urgent state of danger. This fox was found lying on the road in Leatherhead, Surrey, England. The mother fox was severely injured by a hit and run. The rescuers immediately took the fox to The Wildlife Aid Foundation’s (WAF) veterinary hospital, where the doctors found out that she was heavily pregnant with six little fox cubs.

The doctors were expecting to get mother to recover and back in good health, and then release them back to the wild together. But just after one cub was naturally born, the mother fox started showing signs of severe neurological trauma and thus, abandoned the poor baby and died. What a sad time, but the doctors knew they could do something for the babies.

The doctors decided that it was best to save the rest of the babies and thus performed c-section for it. This was the first ever cesarean section to be performed on a fox for this reason. The other babies are doing well and they will be hand reared by the staff at WAF until they turn six months old.

Although the mother couldn’t be saved, her children will have the chance to experience life thanks to the doctors at The Wildlife Aid Foundation. These little foxes have a long life ahead of them. What an amazing thing they did saving these little lives.

Watch this video showing the birth of these tiny fox cubs. This video will surely touch your heart!

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