French Bulldog Skillfully Keeps Balloon From Hitting The Ground! WOW!

As much as I love any kind of animal, I will forever be a “dog person,” and this is just one of the many videos that should explain why.

Sure, cats make great pets and they do some pretty weird things that will keep you constantly laughing, but nothing compares to the loyal and friendly companion that you will find in a dog.

For example, you can take your dog with you just about anywhere by just throwing a leash on them. Try that same thing with a cat, and you’re likely to get a completely different result.

And while both animals need almost constant stimulation to keep them out of trouble, cats are quite a bit more picky when it comes to the types of toys that they give their attention to.

With a dog, you can throw just about anything, and they will happily chase after it. Just look at how content Einar the Frenchie is when his humans toss a balloon into the air.

He might not be able to jump nearly as high as most cats can, but most cats probably aren’t this good at playing “the floor is lava” either!

Until I see a cat top the cuteness of this video, I’m sticking to being a dog person, and more specifically a French bulldog person!

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