French Bulldog Tries To Teach Baby How To Properly Crawl. The Result Is SO Much Fun To Watch.

There are some dogs that are just perfect for playing with children. French bulldogs are one of them. They are so goofy-looking themselves and they are always friendly. I’ve never met a Frenchie in a bad mood. In fact, they are almost a bottomless well of good karma and friendship. I could never imagine anyone wanting to be mean to a French Bulldog. If they were, I would look at them side-eyed.

This is a great compilation video that focuses on only one subject – French Bulldogs having fun with babies. They lick their faces, nibble their ears, bark… it’s so much fun to watch. There’s nary a tear here – all smiles and laughs… and even a nibbled baby treat or two. The only time I got nervous was when the baby was leaning against the side of his bassinet. Other than that, there were only good tempers.

I have to say that my favorite one out of all of these is the one where the mommy is trying to get the French Bulldog to teach her baby how to crawl. It’s adorable, since the dog is intent on licking the baby’s face first before dragging himself along the floor. Hopefully, the baby was a quick study. I don’t think I could have gotten my cat to try to teach my son how to crawl… the cat would have quickly wandered away.

Honestly, I am super jealous of all these babies that get to grow up with French Bulldogs as their pets. This is an awesome breed of dog and they are so wonderful with kids. They seem like little babies themselves. While I didn’t have a French Bulldog, my parents had a beagle, whom I adored. I was also lucky when I was a teen – I had a miniature schnauzer. One day, I will have a French Bulldog.

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