She gave Denzel Washington his first library card. He gives her the best surprise on her 99th birthday!

Have you ever met a celebrity in real life that for some reason didn’t live up to your expectations? To be honest, I haven’t but I have heard a lot of stories from fans that have. After reading about them, I started to wonder just how true they were. After all, when you hear about one of those stories where a famous person acts in a rude or disrespectful way, you got to take a moment and think if there’s some truth behind it.

I remember one story I read about a pro wrestler named Chris Jericho. He is known as a wrestling ‘heel’, or in other words, a bad guy if you will. Pro wrestling tells stories of friendship and rivalry, that as many of us know, are made to be entertaining to the audience. Chris had always had this thing about him, this attitude that made you think that he was the same way in real life.

One day, a video surfaced of him when he was just outside his truck, surrounded by a group of fans. The lady who uploaded the video said that all they wanted was an autograph and to have a few words with the superstar. For some reason, the ‘few words’ turned into an argument, and things got a little physical between the wrestler and the fans, up to a point when one of the fans hit the floor and there was a lot of shoving, pushing, and threats.

As soon as the video hit the Internet, people became outraged. They could not believe that the superstar had acted that way. Many people even speculated if he was suffering from some mental condition at the time. When I saw the whole thing on video, I was really surprised. It turned out that the fans had surrounded the wrestler’s truck in the parking lot of outside a venue.

They then confronted the wrestler when he was about to leave. After a few minutes, things got physical and the video went viral. Good thing Chris had a chance to go on the air and clear everything up, but it still tarnished his image in people’s minds. There have been other celebrities that have turned out to be quite the opposite. I really feel for some celebrities that seem to have a hater at each corner, but that’s not the case for actor Denzel Washington.

He is one of those actors that has built his career from the ground up. He has garnered the respect of other celebrities and fans alike. There’s something about him that makes him so likable. I think it’s the fact that he’s very genuine. He is also very considerate and a great guy, as this former librarian, was about to find out.

It turns out this lady was celebrating her 99th birthday when she gets a call from Denzel. He remembered what had happened with the one lady that got him started on his love for books. He has a great surprise planned for her and you won’t believe what it is!