Family Walks Past Homeless Man, But The Husband’s Actions Change Everyone’s Lives Forever

GENTRI - ChristmasFamous around the world, the group known as “Gentri” is a trio of talented “gentlemen” tenors. In this video, they give a superb performance of the classic Christmas carol, “O Holy Night”.

Their powerful rendition of the song is both uplifting and heart-warming. The profoundly moving video that accompanies their song depicts the sentiments of the carol, bringing out the best in humanity, showing us that Christmas is a time of giving not receiving.

GENTRI - Homeless Man - ChristmasWe see a well-to-do family out one evening for their Christmas shopping. They are having a lovely time together, happily making their gift purchases.

The father spies a lonely figure, a homeless man sitting alone in the snow and it clearly resonates with him. But they pass on by until the homeless man unexpectedly lends a hand to help the family get their new Christmas tree on top of the car.

The father is touched and cannot stop thinking about the poor man’s plight until he is finally spurred to action and races back out into the night to find the homeless man. When he comes across the man at a homeless shelter, he learns that the man has a wife and small children and they are all down on their luck.

In a gesture of giving, his own children give their presents to children in need so that they might share the true spirit of Christmas with those less fortunate than themselves.

The trio’s message, elegantly delivered through their song, is to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, of how we can all do more for our fellow man, not only at this special time of the year but all year round. This is an exceptional video, with incredible singing while delivering a touching message for all of us.

Don’t miss out on this heart-warming festive season video, be sure to watch it and share with your loved ones.

They got me with this one. I just wish I had enough tissues for this right now. What a beautiful video. Share if it touched you, too.

Family Walks Past Homeless Man, But The Husband\'s Actions Change Everyone\'s Lives Forever