George Burns’ laugh-til-you-cry Carson appearance

George Burns and Johnny Carson

Fans of the legendary George Burns and the iconic Johnny Carson were in for a treat on November 13, 1974, when Burns appeared on Carson’s Tonight Show for an interview. Carson welcomes Burns with open arms. The duo discusses several topics, from health to friendship.

George Burns

The video clip has been making rounds on the internet as fans eagerly want to witness the moment when the two legends engage in a delightful conversation. The interview is filled with humor, heart, and the warmth of two great personalities who had a love for show business and making people laugh.

Despite his major surgery and an extended stay at the hospital, Burns seems to be in good spirits and is happy to be back in show business. He shares a humorous story with Carson about how he had to leave his Bridge game when he experienced chest and arm pain.

George Burns and Johnny Carson

Burns discusses his surgery during the interview and how he didn’t understand the medical terms the doctors used. He then jokes with the doctors, saying they could do whatever they want as long as they don’t touch his vocal cords, which he relied on for his living. After his surgery, he even sings “Red Rose Rag” to check if his voice is fine.

Carson then asks Burns if he was scared when the doctors told him about the surgery. To which Burns replies that he wasn’t scared at all. He just wanted to get back to work as soon as possible. Next, Burns tells Carson about how the doctors changed his eating habits, which includes his love for ketchup on his eggs.

George Burns and Johnny Carson

Carson then shifts the conversation to Burns’s friendship with Jack Benny. The host asks him how they maintained such a strong friendship for over five decades. And if he ever had any major conflicts or disagreements with his best friend. To which Burns replies that Benny is a gem of a person and he never ever had a fight with him.

The show concludes on a high note as Burns treats the audience to a delightful performance of “Jemima and Five Bakers.” It is a fun night that Johnny Carson and George Burns fans will never forget.

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George Burns\' laugh-til-you-cry Carson appearance